How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

how to stop puppy from biting

Is Your New Puppy Biting?

The best way to deal with puppy biting in a predatorial puppy is to prune his behaviors right away. Some puppies are predatory animals thus it’s solely natural that one would show signs of aggressive behavior when a puppy. It’s the master’s responsibility to train a dog to be submissive and obedient. Your puppy can act sharply on totally different occasions for numerous reasons. How to stop a puppy from biting is one of the most important things you teach your new dog.

Among the most common puppy biting reasons are:

Fear or insecurity
Protecting his territory
Struggling for dominance
Feeling trapped or threatened
Boredom (chasing cars for example)
The puppy has been pampered and suddenly your puppy’s needs or wants aren’t being met.

Show your puppy who is boss right from the start. There should be little question in his mind that each of your commands is to be obeyed instantly. This will take dedication and patience as you are learning how to stop a puppy from biting. A very well trained puppy will respond favorably to his master’s commands even at a distance and without a leash. That is not to say though that you should ever take your puppy out in public without a leash. Most communities have leash laws and even if you are feeling that you simply grasp your puppy well, he might behave unpredictably in an unfamiliar scenario.

Once your puppy has been de-wormed and had his shots you’ll do well to gradually introduce him to other puppies. Remain in control of his actions at all times. If the other puppy becomes aggressive, hold your puppy back to show him not to answer provocation. If your puppy becomes aggressive you’ll want to take control quickly. A stern “no” and short jerk on the leash will send him the message that this behavior will not be tolerated. Another bad behavior stemming from aggression is chasing cars, people, cats, other dogs, etc. Chasing is unacceptable behavior but chasing also has resulted within the death of many puppies and other family pets.

Biting is instinctual behavior and nearly every puppy can bite one thing or another. Going against such a deeply planted and natural attribute is really a challenge. Since biting behavior is important for survival within the wild, it is probably the hardest habit to break in a puppy. Even if your puppy is duteous at different times he still might ignore your commands and keep on biting. How to stop a puppy from biting can be frustrating at times. You must stick with it until your puppy is trained not to bite.

You can stop your new dog from biting

There’s no perfect way to keep a puppy from biting. Your puppy will continue to try your patients. So however are you able to stop him from exhibiting this aggressive behavior from a distance? The answer lies in gaining control of his ability to go after what he wants in an enclosed space. Place a favorite toy or piece of food simply out of his reach. Prevent him from biting it by holding him back with the leash. Tell him to sit and when he obeys you, shower him with praise. Then offer him the thing that he wants.

By repeating this training you are teaching how to stop a puppy from biting and he’s not allowed to have anything without your permission. Start your puppy’s training early on and don’t allow aggression to take hold. You’ll have fewer headaches, passersby are safe, and your puppy will be an enjoyable pet for years to come.