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Best Insurance for Pets

Are you trying to find out which pet insurance is best for your pet? Our pets are part of our family, and like every member of the family, they deserve all the love, medical attention, treatment, and care they can get.  Whether your pet is a dog, cat, or any other furry friends, it is your responsibility to make sure they stay healthy and happy by paying for the cost of their health, such as visits to a professional veterinarian, immunizations, spaying, and other situations that require emergency care.

However, the best way to ensure your furry friends get the best care when they need it without causing holes in your budget is through the best pet insurance policy you can find. Having your pet protected and covered by a good health insurance scheme from a reliable provider can relatively put your mind at rest, knowing well that large and unforeseen medical bills will be taken care of.

But when it comes to getting the best insurance for your pet, there are many factors you need to put into consideration, and one of them is making sure you get your pet insurance from a reliable insurance provider. In this post, I will be showing you some reasons your pet needs an insurance policy and which pet insurance is the best for you and your pet.

What is covered by a pet insurance policy?

The designed scheme of pet insurance is such that it covers largely, unexpected accidents and illness of your pets that you have no idea about nor can plan for. In most cases, this may involve when a dog ingests a poisonous substance she shouldn’t take or a urinary tract disease in a cat.

With the best pet insurance, you can be compensated to a tune of 90% of your vet bills for these unplanned happenings. However, no pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions before subscription and may enforce a waiting period on the treatment of illness.

More so, when searching for which pet insurance is the best, some pet insurance policies also include third-party coverage for damages or injuries your pet might inflict on people in the neighborhood or property. A pet insurance plan can also cover for your pet getting into a boarding kennel if you are unable to look after them when you are ill and need hospital treatment. Very common among the various unforeseen events that a pet plan can cover are the following:

Accident Coverage

An accident is something you cannot predict, but you can make a concrete plan ahead for possible incidents that could cost you a fortune. This coverage is offered by every pet insurance company and this includes torn ligaments, broken bones, bite wounds and other serious health issues.

Illness Coverage

To enjoy a full cover in this plan, it is best to subscribe to it when your pet is still very young. Doing this will help you to cut down pre-existing medical condition exemptions and your monthly expenses. This is also important since many pet insurance providers limit their illness coverage to the pet’s age. Some of the illnesses treated under this product are cancer, arthritis, UTIs, allergies and more.

Wellness Coverage

Wellness coverage plans are always optional and it is up to you to make a choice to subscribe or not. It’s really up to you to decide what pet insurance is the best for your pet. If your choice is a “Yes,” then you can pay for your wellness expenses on your own or you can invest in a tiny part every month with your insurance company to avoid paying all at once for your pet’s routine vet checkup.

Diagnostic Treatments

All forms of diagnostic and laboratory testing, together with all blood and chemistry work are covered, especially when they are inclusive of diagnosing or treating a coverable illness or injury.

Veterinary Exam Fees

With the best pet insurance plan, you can be sure to have coverage for the cost for all vet exams conducted by a licensed veterinarian while treating or diagnosing your injured or ill pet, including all forms of specialty and emergency care.

Dental Treatments (non-routine)

Some pet insurance providers like here at Petplan, we cover non-routine dental treatments like broken teeth or periodontal disease. This is however obtainable only if your pet had its teeth checked by a licensed vet in the past 12 months before the effective date of coverage and any other treatment recommended as a result of a veterinary check-up was carried out.

Holistic Therapies

Once your pet has been provided with any form of holistic therapy such as homeopathic therapy, chiropractic treatment or even veterinary acupuncture by a licensed veterinarian, such treatment cost will be covered by your pet insurance.

Prescription Medications

Again, all medications that are prescribed for your pet by a licensed veterinarian as part of treatment for an accident or illness are also covered together with nutraceuticals. However, note that heartworm/flea, vitamins as well as tick preventives are mostly not covered in your pet insurance.

Surgery + rehabilitation

All forms of rehabilitation prescribed by a licensed veterinarian as part of a treatment protocol and performed at a veterinary facility will be covered in your pet insurance plan.

Cancer Treatments

Most pet insurance providers offer coverage for veterinary oncology care as well as other forms of cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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What’s the best pet insurance?

Are you planning to get an insurance plan for your pet? Here is a secret you should know. The truth is that you cannot just opt for the first insurance provider that showed up in your search result. You will need to do a comparative look at the pet insurance policies in the market. Doing this will help you to pick the best that matches your needs and also fits into your budget.

Well, in order to ensure you and your pet are covered for future veterinary expenses, keep the following features in mind.

Top 6 features for what pet insurance is best for your dog, cat, or other pets.

1: Access to Holistic Therapy

One of the features of the best insurance for pets is access to holistic therapies. These, you can tell are not services that are available and common among pet insurance companies. So when deciding which provider to use for your pet insurance, check to be sure they cover various holistic therapies such as chiropractic care, homeopathic therapy, and even acupuncture.

2: Customer Service Options

Another good feature to look out for is the reliability of the customer service. There are times you will have an emergency in your hands and you will need to quickly reach out to your pet insurance provider. So check to see if the company you are going with has options for live chat, phone, email, fax, and FAQs to help answer your questions. 

Some pet insurance providers like PetPlan also provides you with a 24/7 Pet Helpline to help you with all pet-related inquiries and queries. This allows you to speak with a vet expert at any time of the day.

3: Pet Insurance Costs With Low Premium Prices

The low premium price is one of the policies you are likely to find in most of the reports received from consumers who are wondering who is the best pet insurer.

Amazingly, such prices usually cover for products such as unlimited lifetime benefits with no claim limits.

4: Access to a Comprehensive Pet Dental Coverage

Unlike other pet insurance companies where you have to pay unduly exuberant charges for dental issues on your pet, at Petplan, you have little or nothing to worry about dental injuries to your furry friends.

At Petplan, we have a well and comprehensive dental coverage that covers all forms of dental injuries and diseases to a tooth or all the teeth in your pet. Guess what? All these services come with no broad condition exclusions or charges.

5: Pet Insurance Cover on Chronic & Hereditary Conditions

Does your pet insurance provider cover for all forms of chronic and hereditary conditions that your pet may be suffering from? This often helps create a friendly pet insurance plan that will help you to keep your furry friend wagging her tail from side to side in good health. 

6: Availability of Coverage on Exam Fees

More reasons why you can say with all levels of confidence that Petplan offers the best pet insurance plan is the fact that we offer complete wavers on all forms of pet exam fees.

What this means by extension is the fact that whenever you take your pet for any form of vet examination and a vet visit, you are sure that the insurance plan covers all forms of exam fees and charges that you may incur as a result of such visit.

With this, you can sure save an average of about $50-$250 per each vet visit.

Is it worth it to have pet insurance?

Contemplating whether or not to get a pet insurance plan for your pet? If yes, then some fundamental questions that come to mind and which must be considered when thinking about who is the best pet insurer: 

  • How much would you be willing to cough out if your pet has a serious infection or accident that you never planned for?
  • How much could you actually part with, and
  • How much of a risk can you tolerate?

While the cost of treating simple health issues like infection of the ear or stomach upset might likely not cost you more than a few bulks, more serious health conditions may cost you as much as several thousands of dollars.

When you don’t have a pet insurance plan, then you might be forced to put your dog down for financial reasons when health issues arise for such a dog.

If you wouldn’t be able to conveniently pay for a major operation—and you don’t want your pet’s fate to be decided by any financial constraint, you might be experiencing, then you should as a matter of concern get a pet insurance plan.

Below are some more reasons you need an insurance plan for your lovely pet:

  • With an insurance plan, you can save money when your pet is ill or injured.
  • Once you have a pet insurance plan, you won’t have to choose between either maintaining your financial stability and your pet’s life.
  • Having the best pet insurance plan helps you to pay more attention to the health of your pet rather than how much it will cost you to take care of your pet.
  • A pet insurance plan also helps you to avoid or save on extra treatment cost such as the cost of X-ray or even staying in a veterinary hospital.
  • With a pet insurance plan, you can widen the range of treatment options available to your pet. With this, you can even opt for chemotherapy or a medical surgery since you are sure of being covered by your pet insurance policy.
  • In most cases, a pet insurance company can help you to cover the cost of boarding catteries/kennels, especially when you are hospitalized.
  • Similarly, a pet insurance policy can help you to offset the cost when your pet causes any form of injury or damage to a 3rd party.
  • With a pet insurance plan, you can be sure that the reward for an individual who found your furry friend in a case where she got missing will be handled by the pet insurance.

Petplan; Why You Should Consider Us for Your Pet’s Insurance

While not all pet insurance providers can be fully trusted with the health of your pets, here at PetPlan, we understand your pet’s unique needs and we are always all out to make sure we give her the best she deserves. When you’re considering what pet insurance is the best, think about PetPlan.

We offer the most comprehensive coverage with a flexible range of reimbursement options and cover vet bills up to 90%. We have been the choice of many people over the years when it comes to pet insurance – and there is a reason for that.

If you are still not sure why you need to consider us for your pet’s insurance, here are some features that make us stand out among several pet insurance providers, and hence why we are regarded as one of the best pet insurance providers.

  • We are also pet lovers: we don’t just provide health insurance, we are also pet lovers and so we understand how much love these creatures deserve. We are hence providing pet owners the coverage, resources, and support they need to be the best for their pets.
  • We never discriminate: unlike most other pet insurance providers whose coverage does not allow for pets that have passed a certain age, PetPlan offers comprehensive coverage to all dogs and cats that are six weeks old and above.
  • Your pet is covered for life: even though your policy options may change, including some other features. One thing you can be sure of is that we will never cancel your policy because of your pet’s age or health. We will always be there for your pet when she needs us the most.
  • We offer comprehensive dental coverage: we will be there to take care of every dental injury and disease to all teeth with no broad condition exclusions.
  • Holistic care is included: holistic therapies are included in our plan’s coverage, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, and homeopathic therapy.
  • We are always available 24/7: we won’t leave you or your pet out in the cold. We are always available every hour of the day to listen to you. There is a reason we are considered to have the best customer service among many other companies.
  • Chronic and hereditary conditions are covered: it doesn’t matter the nature of your pet’s illness – even if it is hereditary or a chronic disease. Our insurance plan always gets you covered.
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Pet insurance costs how much?

Since there is no rule of thumb for pet insurance, knowing what pet insurance will cost you is a function of some basic information about your pet. Some of such information include your locations, your pet’s breed, and age.

Why all these factors in considering the cost of pet insurance, you may quickly cut in. Here is how these data add up

  • Pet’s Age: For every pet, her chances of requiring medical attention increases as she gets older, and the cost of insuring her also increases in the same pattern.
  • Your Location: Obviously, it won’t be breaking news to you that a veterinary cost varies from one geographical location to the other. So, what this means is that if you are resident in a state where vet charges are higher, your pet insurance premium will be higher in the same manner.
  • Pet’s Breed: It is a known fact that some breeds of pets are commonly predisposed to certain illnesses when compared to other breeds. So, getting insurance for such breeds will definitely be higher than insuring other breeds with lesser chances of getting ill.

With the above factors duly considered, a dog insurance cost with us at Petplan may range between an average of $10-$100 or even more per month.

Bottom Line

Adopting pet insurance is a way to get yourself and your pet prepared for rainy days. There are various pet insurance plans you can subscribe to in order to get your pet secured from ill health, accidents and other forms of mishaps.

While most pet insurance companies have an age limit for pets to be insured, we at Petplan are not bothered about what the age of your pets may be.

Averagely, the pet insurance plan for a dog costs about $10-$100 and above on a monthly basis.

If you are contemplating what’s the best pet insurance or your search terms on the internet has consistently been “which pet insurance plan is the best”? You will be doing yourself and your pet a lot of good by subscribing to one of our plans here at PetPlan. Here, we don’t only give you the best, we understand just the best way to care for your pet, and so we are always looking all out to make sure your pet gets the best that they deserve.