10 Best Dog Supplements

Complete Guide to the 10 Best Dog Supplements

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When it comes to making sure that our furry friends receive the best care, both emotional and nutritionally, we all try our best. Maybe dog supplements can help your dog stay healthy.

In most cases, you may go out of your way to ensure that your dog always has his or her favorite meal to feast on.

However, it becomes very sad that most commercial dog food doesn’t pack all the needed vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Thankfully, there are a number of dog vitamins in the market which are formulated to bridge the gap between the needed nutrients and those your dog may be missing out in her current diet.

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Just like many dog owners, you may be having some burning questions about dog vitamins. In case you have some, there is a possibility that the following questions below may be running through your mind.

Should I give my dog vitamins?

Like the saying goes “what is good for the goose is also good for the geese.” Your dog needs vitamins as a core part of her diet just like you do.

Supplementing your dog’s food with dog multivitamins is a sure way to keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy, strengthen her teeth and bones, as well as boosting her energy to function.

However, if you are sure that your dog’s food is a well-balanced diet that is rich in all the needed nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs to grow, you may not have to feed her extra vitamins or multivitamins.

Similarly, when thinking of supplementing your dog’s food with vitamins, do not feed her with dog multivitamins that are meant for humans. Doing this may turn out very harmful to your dog.

Even the best dog vitamins should be administered in moderation. This is because overdosing your dog with multivitamins such as calcium can cause your dog to fall sick. Better still, when considering the option of giving your dog vitamins, it is best to consult your veterinary doctor for guidance.

Why would my dog need vitamins?

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If this is one of your queries about dog vitamins, here are some shocking realities behind why your dog deserves some dog multivitamins.

Augments for Missing Nutrients in Commercial Dog Food

As mentioned earlier, some commercial dog foods are lacking in some vital nutrients and vitamins which your furry friend requires to grow optimally. So, supplementing her food with vitamins is a good way to ensure that she is well catered for nutritionally.

Going further, once your dog is lacking some essential nutrients in her food, there is usually a high tendency of digestive imbalance, which may present symptoms such as stomach and scooting.

Vitamins Support Organ Function

Various organs such as the liver, kidney, eyes, and even the brain all require vitamins for their optimum performance.  So, to ensure that organs such as the eyes in your dog are seeing well, there is a need to supplement her meal with vitamins.

To Maintain a Healthy Skin and Coat

The antioxidant content, as well as the mineral content of most dog multivitamins, are designed to improve the coat quality of your dog. Besides helping the coat of your furry friend to grow well with a shiny luster, vitamins in her food also help in ensuring that her skin is smoother, shinier and free from blemishes that may arise due to the lack of nutrients.

Vitamins Enhance Strong and Healthy Skeletal Structure in Dogs

Supplementing your dog food with the best dog vitamins is another way to provide your dog with lots of minerals. Also, calcium and magnesium are required for stronger bones and teeth.

Apart from building strong bones and teeth, vitamins also serve as lubricants to joints as well as preventing the risk of common illness such as osteoporosis and even arthritis. This is also where dog vitamins for joints can become very important.

Vitamins Strengthen the Immune System

A good way to help your dog to stay free from common sickness is by supplementing her food with vitamins. In most cases, strengthening your dog’s immune system involves giving her dog supplements that help to strengthen her liver and kidney function.   

Vitamins Boost Energy Level

Signs of weakness and exhaustion in your dog may be a result of a lack of vitamins in her food. By this, supplementing your dog’s food with vitamins is a good way to boost her energy level with an increased level of alertness.

What Joint Supplements Work For Dogs?

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Supplementing your dog’s food with hip and joint supplements that enhance the smooth movement of your dog’s joint is another way to show your dog that you truly care for her wellbeing.

However, you may be skeptical about what should be the best dog supplements for joints for your furry friend. Well, in case this is you, here are some key things to consider in choosing a joint supplement that will work perfectly for your dog.

  1. Ingredient Composition. No doubt, ingredients are the backbone of any dog supplement for joints. In your search for a joint supplement that will really work for your dog, it is best to choose one with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be good for your dog’s joint, repair damaged joint and her overall health.
  2. Ease of Administration. Another key factor to consider before you label a joint supplement as being good to work for your dog is the ease with which you get your dog to consume it. Such a dog supplement has to be well flavored and chewable so that your dog can find it enticing to try. This is very important, especially if your dog is picky about what she eats. In such a case, you may have to go for a supplement that is very flavorful.
  3. Health Status of Your Dog. Just like you, your dog may be having some health issues which may require a specific type of hip and joint dog supplements. Supplements can provide the needed nutrients and vitamins. In such cases, your vet doctor is in the best position to guide you on what is the best joint supplement that will be effective based on the health of your dog. For instance, where your dog may be suffering from dermatitis, vitamins containing a considerable amount of zinc will be the best alternative.

How To Choose The Best Dog Vitamins And Supplements?

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Before you dash to purchases just any kind of dog multivitamins for your dog, here are a few basic things you must consider before making your choice.

Taking note of these things and acting on them will save you and your lovely dog a great deal

So, when choosing the best dog vitamins and supplements 1dog vitamins and supplements, considering the age of your dog will help you to choose one that will well carter to her nutritional needs.

  1. Consider the Age of Your Dog. Every type of dog vitamin is specially formulated to meet the need for a certain growth phase of a dog. This then means that a bottle of one type of dog multivitamin which is meant for an adult dog won’t contain the same type of nutrient as that meant for puppies. So, when choosing dog supplements for your dog, do consider her age so that some chemicals in a supplement may not harm your furry friend.
  2. Physical Form/Texture of Supplements. From your dog’s favorite food, you should be able to know what she likes when it comes to the physical texture of her food. Most of the best dog vitamins come very soft and oily while others are hard chewable tablets. With this, you need to know which vitamin your dog will prefer, especially when she is used to either soft or oily food.
  3. Consider Ingredients/Composition. Another major factor to consider when choosing the best dog vitamin and supplement for your dog is the nutritional information of the supplement. The goal of feeding your dog with vitamins and supplements is to help her deal with some health issues or make up for missing nutrients in her food.  So, as a rule of thumb when choosing the best dog supplement, you have to consider the nutritional composition of a supplement to know if it will provide the missing nutrients that your dog requires. For instance, dogs with joints pains will need glucosamine as well as chondroitin in their supplement while those battling with bad fur will need vitamins C and E.

The top 10 dog vitamins and supplements

Like you would rightly guess, commercial dog multivitamins differ markedly from each other. So, to help you make the best choice when purchasing dog vitamins for your dog, we’ve critically analyzed a handful of dog multivitamins and supplements, and we have here the top 10 you should consider for your dog.

Nutramax – Cosequin DS Plus MSM Chewable Tablet

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And overactive lifestyle may get your dog into serious issues with her joints. If this is the case with your furry friend, be rest assured that Nutramax Cosequin DS can take care of the situation perfectly.

Nutramax Cosequin has MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine, which are all the major ingredients required to keep your dog’s joint and cartilage intact.

In addition to the above, Nutramaz Cosequin is loaded with antioxidants as well as other nutrients, which can all help to reduce the risk of joint degeneration in your dog. This is one of the best dog supplements for arthritis.


  • MSM and other active compounds to enhance joint health
  • Chewable tablet for ease of digestion by dog
  • Good for dogs of all ages
  • Enticing flavors

Super Vitachew Soft Chews

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Super Vitachew Multivitamin for dogs can be seen as one size fits all since it supports the overall health of just any canine.

It packs lots of vitamins such as vitamin E, biotin, and it helps in enhancing smooth skin with shiny fur.

The glucosamine and chondroitin of this best senior dog vitamins also make it effective in supporting the health of your dog’s hip.

More so, Super Vitachew contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to support your dog’s digestion and digestive system. 


  • Comes in soft chews
  • Flavored formula for complete support
  • Contains dozens vitamins and minerals

Super Joint Enhancer

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This is another one of those senior dog vitamins which are carefully formulated to support your dog’s joint. Super Joint Enhancer comes with important fatty acids that aid the lubrication of your dog’s joint and cartilage.

Also, inclusive in this supplement are glucosamine, chondroitin to support your dog’s joint and reduce the risk of friction, damage as well as the quick repair of damaged tissue.


  • Tastes and smells good due to the addition of olive and fish oil
  • Provide nutrients for healthy joint, lubrication, and overall health

Be Well For Dogs

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This is another multivitamin for dogs with lots of minerals which are very helpful in supporting your dog’s skin, digestion, joints, and coat. Be Well for Dogs comes with Organic Flaxseed as well as Omega vitamins which both works in providing adequate digestive enzymes and health joints respectively.


  • Contains 1k mg of Omega 3 dog supplement per serving
  • Your dog will shed less and have a healthier coat
  • There have not been any side effects reported

NaturVet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Powder

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This supplement is specially designed to enhance the immune system of your dog as well as supporting the joints of your furry friend.

An outstanding feature of NaturVet Digestive Probiotic is the fact that it is packed with healthy bacteria, which helps in creating a cool digestive system within your dog.

With this, you can tell that your dog is covered against common digestive issues such as constipation, vomiting and even diarrhea.


  • Promotes your dog’s healthy digestion
  • Helps support your dog’s diet changes

Pet Tabs

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Just as the name of this multivitamin suggests, it is designed to provide the needed nutrients for your dog at every stage of her life.

Pet Tabs Multivitamins for All Stages serves as the perfect multivitamin choice for your dog due to its complete nutritional components, which cuts across vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your dog’s overall health.

If you need to get your dog back on her feet with a high level and stronger limbs and joints, you can also bank on this multivitamin to provide her with all of that.


  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Helps support overall wellness
  • For easy feeding crumble into dog’s food

Pet Tabs Plus

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We feel Pet Tabs Plus is seen as a multivitamin heavyweight that is designed to enhance the skin and coat of your dog. The Pet Tabs Plus is designed in the form of a tablet that crumbles in food and digests by almost any canine.

It is packed with vitamins such as vitamin D3 and vitamin E, which will enhance and nourish the skin and coat of your furry friend.


  • Packed with nutrients that are good for the skin and coat of dogs
  • Vitamins and minerals include 21

Cholodin for senior dogs

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When it comes to catering for the needs of senior dogs, this multivitamin is next to none in terms of its nutritional makeup.

Very outstanding about this dog multivitamin is the fact that it is extremely soft, tasty and chewable, which makes it also a good choice for even younger dogs.

With over 25 nutritional ingredients that are mostly missing in most commercial dog foods, this supplement is designed to bridge the gap and provide your older dogs with vitamins that will keep them strong against common illnesses at old age such as heart disease and arthritis.

Besides the above, Cholodin Senior is also designed to bring back the youthful strength and energy in your senior dogs.


  • Over 25 ingredients
  • Fights many ailments than most other supplements

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet

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Nortic Naturlals are good dog vitamins with a considerable amount of beneficial vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E as well as other minerals such as phosphorus and calcium.

Like you would rightly guess, these nutrients are packed to boost the immune system of your dog as well as keeping her coat and skin healthy, smooth and shiny.

One unique thing about this supplement is the fact that it can also be used for dogs of any age without creating any side effects on your dog.


  • Provides ingredients that are good for the overall health of your dog
  • Good for any dog at any age
  • Packs lots of nutrient than an average canine product

The Missing Link Ultimate Skin & Coat

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When it comes to providing your dog with all the needed nutrients to grow healthy skin and coat, you will find this multivitamin helpful. Ranging from Alpha-Linolenic Acid for healthy skin and eyes, Linoleic Acid for a shiny coat.