How stop dog from barking

How to Stop a Dog from Barking

how to stop a dog from barking

Training a dog not to bark

But before we rectify the issue, let us find out the reasons that might trigger why the dog is barking!

Everyone knows that all dogs will bark at least once in their entire lifetime. Some of these dogs might bark excessively unless the dog is affected by some health issues. If you assume or expect the dog not to bark at all, it is pretty much like expecting your kid not to cry at all. But while we expect the dogs to bark, we cannot simply leave it alone without rectifying the problem as it can mean further problems next time we have to listen to that barking dog.

Learn the science behind stopping your dog from barking.

4 Reasons why dogs bark

There can be many reasons why dogs would bark for no apparent reason. Actually, dogs bark because there is a trigger event that causes the dog to react in this manner, and the only way at which they can voice out their discomfort is by a barking dog noise.

Why do dogs bark when separated?

Separation anxiety dog barking

Do you know that dogs can feel anxious too? This condition that affects dogs is called separation anxiety. It occurs when the dogs are left alone at home, and if they are not taught how to cope in the event of the owner’s absence, the dog will start to experience anxiety issues. In order for the dog to gain attention and also to cope, the dog will start to whine and bark! This condition can affect puppies as well as adult dogs.

Why do dogs bark when they’re happy?

Barking When They Are Happy

Dogs can also bark when they are feeling satisfied or happy too. For instance, the dog might bark happily when their favorite human arrives home from work. The dogs might also bark when you bring them out for a walk, or when you give them their favorite treat! Note that, even when they are barking happily, you should also regard this as a trigger that needs some rectification as the barks can be too noisy at times. You might even want to order a bark stopper for dogs.

Why do dogs bark when there’s a threat?

Imminent Threat Barking

This is one of the main reasons why dogs will bark. As dogs have an acute sense of hearing in addition to smell, they may be capable of sensing danger way before the owner is aware. And that is the reason why some owners love to own dogs such as Pitbulls or German Shepherds. These dogs are typically reared as guard dogs, as a result of assisting the owner to guard the family as well as the territory. However, sometimes, the dogs may bark at anything that seems to be a danger, including the milkman or even your friends. If this is common and resonates with you, you will then need to take steps and learn how to stop a dog from barking.

Do dogs bark when they want to play?

They just want to play

There are occasions at which the dog will start barking when they are playing. This is again one of the more common reasons at which dogs want to bark. The dog can be barking happily when it is playing with their favorite toy, or if they are in the park, running together with its fur friends. It can also be barking when you signal the intention to bring them out for their regular walk. This is typically categorized as a harmless bark, but it is also important that you limit this behavior and train your dog not to bark.

How to get a dog to stop barking

Getting your domesticated dog to stop barking will require widespread investment, work, practice, and consistency. It won’t arise without any forethought, yet with suitable strategies and time, you can see improvement really quickly. There are several approaches at which you can learn about stopping dog barking.

  1. Dog Barking Triggers

To start off, it will be good to find out the triggers that are causing the dog to bark excessively. It can be due to some words that you use, or even some actions that you take. Once you find out the trigger, it will then be easier for you to rectify barking in puppies and dogs.

  • Training a dog not to bark

Of course, one of the best ways to stop the dog from excessive barking is by training them to be quiet. There are plentiful of guides around if you search “barking dog how to stop”. All of them involve using positive reinforcement methods that stop dogs from barking. You should always refrain from using loud voices that might be detrimental to the entire training process.

  • Using bark collars when the dog is barking

To help you, or aid you during the training process, you can utilize dog bark collars that will provide slight stimulation to stop your dog from barking. There are various such bark collars around and we would suggest that you use those that do not even emit any static corrections. There are e-collars or bark training collars for dogs that use vibrations as a stimulus to distract the barking dog. There are also e-collars that make use of ultrasonic sound waves that produce an ultrasonic sound that is audible only by them.

Our top choice for a bark collar will be the e-collar, especially those that come with a remote control. This way, it will be much easier for us to administer the correction via the remote. This is in comparison with those collars that administer the correction automatically. It can be dangerous as the detection probes (that detects the dog barks) might malfunction and issues the correction even when the bark that the collar detects does not come for your barking dog.

When used in a proper manner, the bark collars can indeed be one of the best tools when it comes to stopping the dog from barking excessively. You should not abuse the usage of the bark collars as the barking dog might start to get used to the correction, hence rendering the tool useless.

  • Keep your dog active

This may come as a surprise to many, but one good and healthy way of stopping your dog from barking nonstop is by keeping them active. One such activity will be getting the dog to go for regular runs or walks, or even the occasional hike. Once the dog finishes the activity for the day, they will be too tired for anything else and will not have the additional energy to bark excessively. Learning how to train your dog not to bark takes time and patience. Along with any type of dog training, you will enjoy the time spent with your dog or puppy.

Barking Dog PDF

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