Home remedies fleas on dogs

Home Remedies for Fleas on Dog

home remedies fleas on dog

Having everything around your furry companion going on pretty well is the dream of every dog owner. But at some points, things may turn out awry and you begin to panic.  One of such unplanned events that may creep in between you and your lovely dog is having your dog catch fleas. Time to start searching home remedies fleas on dogs.  Yes, this can turn out a bane for both yourself and your furry friend.

Mostly annoying about your dog catching fleas is the fact that these parasites pick special interest in the blood of animals and humans as well. And like you will rightly guess, your blood, as well as that of your dog, may turn out to be their favorite meal each time they come biting and sucking.

Most annoying about your dog catching fleas is the fact that relative to their small sizes, fleas have the capacity to fly farther than any other insect. And this makes it very difficult to control this nuisance on your dogs as well as in your home. Now it’s time to think about home remedies for fleas on dogs.

To add salt to the already bleeding wound, having fleas lurking around in your home and on your dog means that you have a hell of crappy workload to attend to.

home remedies fleas on dogs

Some of these may include but not limited to;

  • Regular washing of every single fabric in your home
  • Weekly, if not regular flea baths for your dog
  • Vacuuming every nook and cranny of your home severally to ensure that fleas infestation is completely purged.

Well, no matter how dark the tunnel may seem, there is always a light at the end. And for your dog catching fleas, there is good news for you.

When it comes to fleas control on your dog and your home, there are a handful of home remedies for fleas on dog, which you can use to bid a firm goodbye to fleas.

And one outstanding thing you’ll surely love about these home remedies fleas on dog is the fact that they are very easy to source, and they cost little or nothing to afford.

More so, these home remedies fleas for dogs come in various methods of application, which makes them very easy and comfortable to use in the control of fleas from around your dogs and home.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Fleas On Your Dog

Once you observe that your furry friend is scratching as a result of flea, there are lots of home remedies for fleas on dogs you can choose from.

home remedies for fleas on dog

Whether it is a dip, comb, scrub, food/drink, or even a home-made collar, there endless options for you to choose from without using any harmful chemicals.

So, without much ado, let’s get to brass tack on some powerful home remedies to get rid of fleas on your dog.

Washes, Sprays, Dips, and Rubs

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar And Salt Flea Spray

When it comes to the use of apple cider vinegar as one of the home remedies fleas on dogs, a lot of god owners prefer this method for some good reasons.

First, apple cider vinegar involves creating an unfavorable pH condition on your dog’s body for fleas to live on while enhancing your dog’s health.

Method of Use

  • Dilute about six cups of apple cider vinegar in four cups of water
  • Add a tablespoon of sea salt
  • Spray directly on your dog’s fur. Ensure to avoid contact with your dog’s eyes.
  • Lemon Bath

Lemon bath is another powerful home remedies fleas for dogs with a nice smelling scent.

One outstanding quality about a lemon bath is the feeling of freshness it gives to your furry friend with a noticeable flea-free fur.

Method of Use

  • Squeeze out a fresh lemon juice into a cup up to the half mark
  • Dilute the lemon juice with two cups of water
  • Add some drops of your dog’s favorite shampoo or bathing liquid soap.
  • Bath your furry friend to get rid of fleas
  • Lather Bath

Unknown to you is the fact that any pet-friendly soap or shampoo with the ability to produce a lather is one of the effective home remedies fleas on dog.

However, since your goal is a natural home remedy to eliminate fleas from your dog, always ensure that your choice of a pet-friendly soap or shampoo is one without any harsh chemical.

Method of Use

  • Bath your dog with any pet-friendly shampoo and allow her to be fully lathered.
  • Allow the shampoo on your furry friend for some minutes and watch it eliminate fleas on your dog in their numbers.

This is a perfect way of killing any flea on your dog before you proceed to a full prevention strategy.

  • Essential Oils Flea Spray

Among the various outstanding importance and applications of essential oils, they also work as a perfect home remedies to kill fleas on a dog.

For the best result, when using essential oils as effective home remedies for fleas on dogs, endeavor to dilute essential oils with a thin carrier oil such as grape oil or even a fractionated coconut oil.

Method of Use

  • For the best result, dilute one drop of essential into one millimeter of the carrier oil of your choice.

However, while choosing an essential oil to use in eliminating fleas on your dog, avoid essential oils such as tea tree oil, or those containing pennyroyal, clove wintergreen, which are all known to be very toxic to young dogs.

However, here are a few essential oils that have been handpicked to make the list of the best home remedies for fleas on your dog;

  • Cedar (Atlantica)
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus (Radiata)
  • Clary sage
  • Lemon
  • Palmarosa
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary Dip

For dogs that have a strong affinity for a pool of water, Rosemary dip will definitely turn out a fun time for her rather than a remedy to kick of fleas from her.

Methods of Use

  • Boil some water with some fresh rosemary leaves
  • Strain the mixture well and dilute it using warm water.
  • Allow the mixture to cool to a safe temperature, then pour the entire mixture on your furry friend.
  • Allow the mixture to dry off on its own.
  • Coconut Oil Rub

When it comes to the elimination of fleas from dogs, coconut oil seems to top the chat as one of the powerful home remedies to kill fleas on dogs.

As a matter of fact, a teaspoon of coconut oil rubbed over your furry friend’s fur won’t only scare fleas from her, but will also help to keep her fur flowing.

More so, coconut oil has also been proven to an effective medication for intestinal parasites when added to dog food.

This ability to suppress or eliminate intestinal parasites is in part, due to its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

  • Organic Soaps

Organic soaps also make it into the list of home remedies for fleas on my dog. Instead of regular dog shampoo or soap, with an organic soap such as organic Rose soap, or even peppermint soap, you can achieve a flea-free dog that is always smelling nice at the end of each bath.

  • Multi-Purpose Neem Oil

Although not very popular as a powerful home remedy for the treatment of flea, Neem oil is one of the strongest natural insect-repelling agents.

Method of Use

  • Although native to Sri Lanka, India and Burma, if you are lucky to find some, Neem oil can be used directly on a dog’s fur to eliminate fleas.
  • Better still, you can add Neem oil to a natural dog shampoo for bathing her.
  • Also, Neem oil can even be diluted into a flea spray for your furry friend.
  • Aromatherapy Spray

Aromatherapy is known for so many useful and beneficial health reasons. And when it comes to treating fleas on your dog, aromatherapy can serve as a major treatment for flea infestation.

While aromatherapy can treat current flea infestation, they can also help you to prevent ant future infestation of a flea on your furry companion, and they can also act as a natural way to soothe your dog.

Some common aromatherapy that has proven to be one of the greatest home remedies for fleas on dogs include sweet almond oil used as the base oil with some drops of lemon eucalyptus oil.

You can also use some drops of common myrrh oil, lavender oil, Atlas cedar oil, bay laurel oil, or even geranium oil.

home remedies for fleas on my dog

Combs and Sachets

  1. Lemon Comb

One outstanding quality of lemon is its ability to kill and repel flea and still be totally harmless to humans as well as dogs.

Method of Use

  • Dip your dog’s brush or comb into a fresh lemon juice and rub it over her fur.
  • Alternatively, you can use a cloth dipped in lemon juice to rob your furry friend if she is a short-haired breed.
  • Flea Sachet

The flea sashay is a very good alternative with the same benefit for dogs that dislike being sprayed or having some products applied to her fur directly.

Method of Use

  1. Make or buy a small bag of muslin or hessian fabric, since they are known to be breathable.
  2. Fill any of the bags you have chosen with cedar chips, lemon peel, and dried lavender buds.
  3. Tip the bag and keep it close to your dog’s sleeping spot.

Note that the potency of the whole mixture may reduce after a month. So, once this happens, all you need to do is open the bag and fill it with fresh ingredients.

  • Flea Comb

One amazing thing about flea comb whether store-bought or home-made is the fact that they don’t contain any additional chemical that may affect you or your dog.

Flea combs are very perfect for the removal of both fleas as well as their eggs from your furry friend’s fur.

For dogs that have already been infested with fleas, flea combs are very handy tools for removing fleas before going ahead to use other potent home remedies for fleas on dogs.

With a combination of all these methods, you can tell that fleas will really be a distant threat to you and your dog.

home remedies fleas for dogs


  1. Vodka Flea Collar

Unknown to most people, vodka is a very powerful flea repellant that can keep your dog free from irritating fleas.

Method of Use

  • Either buy or make a home-made dog collar
  • Soak the collar in a teaspoonful of unflavoured vodka and allow it dry.
  • If you want to make a scented of your dog’s flea collar, you can also add some drops of your desired essential oil.

However, since some dogs don’t like the scent of essential oil, avoid adding them to the flea collar mixture.

  • Lavender Or Cedar Oil Flea Collar

Flea collars are other home remedies for fleas on dogs, and they don’t require you to spray or rub your furry friend with any form of chemical or mixture.

Method of Use

  • Either buy or make a simple home-made dog collar
  • Dilute a few drops of cedar oil or lavender oil in water
  • Apply the diluted mixture on your dog’s collar and watch it repel fleas al around your dog.

Health and a High Level of Hygiene Is The Best Dog Flea Defense

Although all the various home remedies for fleas on dog mentioned above are very effective in helping you achieve a zero-flea dog in your home, maintain a healthy dog and a high level of hygiene in your home seems to be one of the best approaches to save your furry friend from the cruel hands of fleas.

Like you may already know, fleas are parasite s that are constantly on the lookout for a weak and unhealthy host to affect.

With this, you can tell that once your dog is healthy coupled with a clean environment, fleas will be more likely to stay away from her.

How do you achieve a healthy dog, you may cut in? The answer is pretty simple, and it involves a healthy diet with unprocessed proteins and whole food that will keep your furry friend glowing.

As a guide for you on the right food to feed your furry friend, always ensure that your dog eats food that is rich in the following:

  • Probiotics as found in fermented vegetables or goat kefir
  • Sulfur-rich foods such as eggs, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from freshly ground hemp, flaxseed, and mackerel
  • B vitamins from meats, eggs organ meats, and oily fish
  • Omega-6 fatty acids from flaxseed, hempseed, poultry, and eggs.

In addition to the above, ensure that you keep a clean home always so that your dog and yourself can live a good life that is free of fleas.

Bottom Line

Fleas are parasites that hide under the coat of dogs and other home fabrics to feed on the blood of dogs and dog owners as well.

With some common home remedies fleas on dogs, dog owners can eliminate fleas from the dog as well as their home without breaking the bank.

Simple home remedies for fleas on dogs include spraying, bathing, dipping, and even the use of flea collars to repel fleas.

However, maintaining general hygiene with a good diet is the basic step to making your dog and home a dead zone for fleas.

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